Why not try a Reverse Advent Calendar this year?

29th November 2017

What is a Reverse Advent Calendar?  The idea is that rather than receiving something each day, you give something to your local foodbank.  You don’t need anything special.  Simply get an empty box and put an item in each day in the run up to Christmas.  It’s a great way to show children that Christmas is also about giving!  If you need some ideas you can follow our Reverse Advent 2017 list, but feel free to donate anything you would like to- toiletries, loo roll and nappies are also useful!

Where do I donate?  When your box is complete, you can bring it to the Well (closed 23rd Dec -2nd Jan) or drop it off at any of our supermarket collection points.   Please note that items donated close to Christmas will probably not be given out until the New Year, so there is no rush to bring them in before January.

Can I still donate Mince Pies?  The foodbank is of course also accepting seasonal donations. However, do bear in mind that unless they are donated within the first couple of weeks of December they will probably not reach the recipients until January.  Alternatively, a box of chocolates or nice biscuits can be a special treat for someone at any time of the year!

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